Compass Rose Design Jewelry

Compass Rose Design revives historic heirlooms into wearable art. Our industrial, steampunk and Victorian jewelry designs are infused with stories of fashion and invention.

A Brief History of Buttons

Buttons were invented in the Bronze Age. Their earliest use in Ancient Greece, the Indus Valley and China was as ornament rather than fastener. Buttons of bone, shell and horn are some of the earliest found. Ornamental shell buttons have been found in the Indus Valley made around 2000 BC. read more

Victorian Mourning Jewelry

Mourning jewelry of the late Victorian era (1860s – 1880s) represents not only the love, loss and grief of Queen Victoria as a human being – but of the experiences of people across Europe and the Americas experiencing loss of loved ones on the teetering edge between the old world and the modern era. read more




What is Steampunk?

The steampunk aesthetic combines both Victorian and Industrial elements, invoking an alternate story where steam-powered modern gadgets meet Victorian sensibilities. Steampunk captures computer-geeks, science fiction-lovers; Public Radio listeners and clever folks interested in history. read more




A History of Clockworks

Compass Rose industrial and steampunk jewelry collections are inextricably linked with the history of mechanical clocks. We work with clock mechanisms beyond repair, giving a second life to broken but beautiful mechanical watch movements dating between 1880 and 1960. read more




Edwardian Insect Jewelry

Victorian-inspired steampunk insect jewelry has risen in popularity, but few know this trend is an echo of elegant designs made more than a century ago. Throughout the Victorian era, natural themess were popular in jewelry, fashion, and furniture design. read more

Railroad History

Railroads were one of the most important technologies of the Victorian and Industrial Era, connecting the world in ways previously unknown to society. First invented in the mid 1750s, the steam engine was a critical part of the innovation process. read more