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Antique Button Bracelets

Antique Button Earrings

Antique Button Earrings - Brass / Gold

Antique Button Earrings - Silver

Antique Button Jewelry

Antique Button Jewelry - Sterling Silver

Antique Button Necklaces

Antique Button Necklaces - Brass / Gold

Antique Button Necklaces - Silver Plated

Antique Button Rings

Antique Button Rings - Brass / Gold

Antique Button Rings - Silver

Antiquity Luxe Collection


Bracelets - Brass

Bridal, Lockets & Cameos

Brooches, Pins etc.

Celestial Collection - Earrings

Celestial Collection - Necklaces

Celestial Collection - Rings

Clockwork Bracelets

Clockwork Collection

Clockwork Cufflinks

Clockwork Earrings

Clockwork Earrings - Brass

Clockwork Earrings - Silver

Clockwork Insect Necklaces

clockwork jewelry

Clockwork Jewelry - Sterling Silver

Clockwork Necklaces

Clockwork Necklaces - Brass / Gold

Clockwork Necklaces - Silver

Clockwork Rings

Clockwork Rings - Brass / Gold

Clockwork Rings - Silver

Clockwork Tie Bars & Pins

Compass Rose Design - Cufflinks

Compass Rose Design - Earrings

Compass Rose Design - Necklaces

Compass Rose Design - Rings

Compass Rose Design - Tie Bars and Tie Clips


Grand Tour Collection

Halo Collection

Hand-Stamped Metal Cufflinks & Pins

Hat Pins, Lapel Pins & Tie Tacks

In Motion - Earrings

In Motion - Necklaces

In Motion - Rings

In the Garden - Earrings

In the Garden - Necklaces

In the Garden - Rings

Industrial Artifacts Bracelets

Industrial Artifacts Earrings

Industrial Artifacts Rings

Inspired by history. Made from Antiques.

Keepsake Necklaces

Lock & Key Bracelets etc.

Lock & Key Earrings

Lock & Key Jewelry

Lock & Key Necklaces


Mens - Clockwork

Mens - Necklaces

Mens - Vintage Typewriter Cufflinks and Pins

Mens Silver & Bronze

Mens Special Occasion

Modern Heirlooms - Bronze Earrings

Modern Heirlooms - Bronze Necklaces

Modern Heirlooms - Celestial Collection

Modern Heirlooms - Earrings

Modern Heirlooms - In Motion

Modern Heirlooms - In the Garden

Modern Heirlooms - Nautical Collection

Modern Heirlooms - Necklaces

Modern Heirlooms - Sterling Silver

Modern Heirlooms Jewelry

Modern Heirlooms Rings

Mother's Day Sale - 15% off on gifts for Mom

Nautical Collection - Earrings

Nautical Collection - Necklaces

Nautical Collection - Rings

New Collection - Mixed Metal Designs


Our Current Favorites - Classic Designs & New Arrivals

Railroad & Industrial Cufflinks

Railroad & Industrial Tie Clips

Railroad & Travel Necklaces

Railroad Date Nail Cuff Links

Rings for Men

Secret Spring Sale

Secret Spring Sale - MENS

Secret Spring Sale - Necklaces

Shop the Valentines Day Collection

Spring Sale - Earrings

Spring Sale - Rings

Sterling Silver

Typewriter Necklaces

Victorian Keepsakes

Victorian Keepsakes & Industrial Artifacts

Victorian Mourning Jewelry

Vintage / Home / Lifestyle

Vintage Button Pins

Vintage Button Pins

Vintage Medals & Charm Necklaces

Vintage Travel Button Cufflinks

Vintage Typewriter Bracelets

Vintage Typewriter Earrings

Vintage Typewriter Jewelry

Vintage Typewriter Rings

Worlds Fair