Compass Rose Design Jewelry

Compass Rose Design line of wearable heirlooms is inspired by Victorian and industrial fashion. History, quality and elegance define our work and each piece has a story to tell.

We are an independent family business and all of our work is designed and made in California's San Francisco Bay Area.

Founder and Designer, Creek Van Houten, is a third generation maker of jewelry with recycled objects and rediscovered historical treasures. What makes Compass Rose different? We use real antiques. We solder whenever possible. We make history wearable.

Creek has been making jewelry for the last fifteen years with vintage and found treasures. Collecting family members and flea markets was a lifelong tendency. Creek took apart her first stereo at age 7 and my first broken pocket watch at 9. In both cases, the goal was repair, but upon seeing the beautiful parts, she changed her mind. Both her father and grandfather were dentists who crafted jewelry as a hobby - she still uses some of their tools. 

After almost a decade of work in non-profits and then some PR and marketing, Creek moved to the Netherlands, where her mother was born. After returning to California from Amsterdam with boxes of antique trinkets, she set up shop in our tiny San Francisco apartment to embark on the lifelong dream of working for myself. In 2009, she made the leap to become a full time maker.

Creek's husband, Johnny, joined the company, helping with photography and soldering in 2011 to help keep up. His love of railroad history and trains has been a delightful addition to Creek's interest in mechanical gadgets and Victorian everything. 

The Compass Rose Design collection is made with authentic antiques and storied heirloom treasures. The collection captures the story and aesthetic of Victorian era - a fascinating moment at the birth of a modern world combining the forces of revolution, industrialization, innovation and an idealized past. The collection resonates with steampunk aficionados just as much as with those who simply appreciate beauty, quality and a story.

Everything in our shop is handmade in our home studio, just north of San Francisco, California, and reflects a bit of treasure renewed into a unique and beautiful keepsake. Thank you for visiting!

- Creek & Johnny Van Houten
Artists, Makers, Designers

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