Our Story

Compass Rose Design is an independent family business. Jewelry designed and made in California's San Francisco Bay Area.  Founder Creek Van Houten, is a third generation maker of jewelry with recycled objects and rediscovered historical treasures. Creek has been making jewelry for the last fifteen years with vintage and found treasures. Creek took apart her first stereo at age 7 and my first broken pocket watch at 9. In both cases, the goal was repair, but upon seeing the beautiful parts, she changed her mind. Both her father and grandfather were dentists who crafted jewelry as a hobby - she still uses some of their tools. 


After a decade of work in non-profits and marketing, Creek moved to the Netherlands, where her mother was born. After returning with boxes of antique trinkets, she set up shop in a tiny San Francisco apartment in 2009. The materials used in each collection are inspired by the artifacts of daily life - collected during travels in Europe and throughout the United States. 

Creek's husband, Johnny, joined the company in 2011, helping with photography and soldering. His love of railroad history and trains has been a delightful addition. We are proud to be a small family company. The Compass Rose Jewelry Collection is available at independent boutiques and galleries throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and Europe. Our work has been featured in Vogue Italy and displayed at the Racine Art Museum.


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